Anxiety Therapy

In Madison and across Wisconsin

Trade Worry and Fear for Calm and Confidence.

You’re so focused on asking “what if” that you struggle to be present for what is happening in your life.

Anxiety has led to exhaustion and it’s taking a toll on your relationships, your aspirations, and your overall health.

  • Mentally chasing the next thing to the point that you are missing the present moment
  • Avoiding situations for fear of failure, judgment, or embarrassment
  • Resorting to unhealthy ways to turn off your mind
  • Strain and conflict in relationships
  • Feeling like an imposter
  • Trying to anticipate the next problem or need so you’re always ready

You don’t have to miss your life while you’re chasing your next worry.

You might feel out of control or driven by self-doubt, but you can live with peace and confidence.
It is possible to step back from your worries and step towards your joys.

Together we’ll work on helping you:

  • Connect your mind and your body with the present moment
  • Increase self-understanding and self-compassion
  • Understand when anxiety is adaptive and when it gets in the way
  • Face fears and increase your confidence to experience challenging emotions
  • Know who you are and how to nurture and grow your authentic self instead of run from your worries
  • Feel less alone and more connected in your relationships
  • Honor your past so you can let go of old patterns and influence your future
  • Define your values and align your life so you show up whole heartedly

Ditch Worry.

Embrace Joy.

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Caitlin Mosman Block MS, LPC
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