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Anxiety therapy for high achievers, people pleasers, and busy people in Madison and online across Wisconsin and Texas.

I’m Caitlin,

a Licensed Professional Counselor based out of Madison, WI who works with worriers, people pleasers, over achievers, overthinkers and anyone who feels they don’t quite measure up.

Is It All Getting To Be Too Much?

You’re the person other people count on and it’s familiar for you to be in control. You’re busy, you work hard, and you’re accomplished to a degree–others know you as capable.

You’ve kept it together for so long that you wonder what people would think if they really knew you. Would they see an imposter? The truth is sometimes you don’t know who you are, what you’re feeling, or what you want because you’ve spent so much time chasing (and often getting) the approval of others.

You help others meet their needs but your needs keep landing in last place and it’s not sustainable. Your feelings are coming up and out at the times and places you don’t want. If anything, you’re starting to feel like you’re losing your grip and losing control of keeping and making everything ok for everyone.

You feel one false step away from failure. And on days things are going well, you find yourself hesitant to exhale because you wonder, when will the other shoe drop? You’ve figured so much out in life, but you can’t seem to fix this on your own.

I Help Transform Worry, Fear, and Stress into Clarity, Confidence, and Self-Acceptance.

You don’t have to figure it all out alone this time around. It’s time to have a partner, a guide, and a witness to your experience, your needs, and your growth.

Together, we can help you move through whatever is holding you back from stepping into your authentic self. Change is possible and you can feel more joy, more energy, and more freedom at work, at home, in relationships, the most important one being with yourself.

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Caitlin Mosman Block MS, LPC
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